Early Closing at Abby’s bar

New TV show Abby’s has been canned after just ten episodes.

The series starred Natalie Morales (who has talked about her past relationship with men and women) as the bisexual bar runner Abby, alongside Neil Flynn, Nelson Franklin, Jessica Chaffin, Leonard Ouzts, and Kimia Behpoornia. It was in part the brainchild of The Good Place creator Michael Schur – perhaps not everything he touches turns to gold for the networks after all.

It broke new ground as the only TV sitcom to be filmed in front of a live outdoor audience rather than an indoor studio – indeed ‘in the round’ with the audience wrapped round the lot of Abby’s backyard bar.

We were just getting to like it… but as this is one of three shows dropped by NBC mid-season, sadly it seems it was just us.

Ah well.