BiMediaWatch: October 2019

TV show Lucifer got rescued by Netflix recently after Amazon Prime dropped the programme at the end of its third series, and we have been loving season four this summer. Netflix have confirmed for a fifth season which will be even longer – sixteen episodes – but with the sting in the tail that this will be the final run for the show. There are several bisexual characters in the programme: possibly we shouldn’t name them but Lucifer having been on the cover of BCN recently might be a hint as to one.

Not so long ago when a TV show with a bi character in it was taken off the air we lost all our bi representation on television: lately there have been a variety of bis to pick between, even if they do seem mostly to be on streaming channels rather than general viewing TV.

But it means we can lose a bunch of shows too: as well as Lucifer coming to an end The 100 has announced its seventh season will be its last – not a bad innings for a sci fi show though. Season six arrived on E4 at the start of September, screening 9pm Wednesdays.

And Orange Is The New Black, OITNB to its friends, is coming to a close soon. Speaking of which…

Bisexual Code Orange!

TV prison drama Orange Is the New Black has finally used the B word!
A mere 89 episodes into a programme centred on women many of whom have had mixed-gender relationships outside prison and are now finding love or sex or both with their fellow women inmates. Bi fans have not all been ecstatic to have the word “bisexual” at last reach the scriptwriters – because it has taken so long.

Carol Piper chides her daughter, saying she’d been worried about her becoming a lesbian. When challenged she corrects the term to bisexual, before dipping into one of those well-worn bi cliches:
“I don’t even know how you do that actually, both genders (sic). It sounds exhausting.”
“I already worry when your father’s spending time with a woman. I think I’d go crazy if I had to worry every time he went out with a man too.”

Ah yes, bisexuals, they fancy everyone so you can never trust them to be faithful. OITNB gives us a nod at last an immediately kicks us back down. Cheers guys.

Bi Squared
We’ve got something to look forward to as Eastenders’ story editor Ben Wadey set about queerbaiting a new bi character in the square on twitter. Cue in fighting online over what gender we’d like them to have.

The show’s fine tradition of troubled lives probably doesn’t set us up for a cheery bi, but let’s hope they get to stick around for a while.