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Issue 135

February 2016

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Issue 134

December 2015

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Issue 133

October 2015

Now Read This…

...& much more

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Issue 132

August 2015

Biphobia as a hate crime:
Kissing in Cardiff
Hate Crime reporting advice


Label Wars:
Pan, Bi, Omni… holding us back?



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Issue 131

June 2015

Complicated? Bisexuality isn’t… but the Confused? report says some people still find it so.

now more B-inclusive. What went on in Nottingham and Leeds this year.


Turning a town around: how Bolton is changing its LGBTphobic reputation

Research: Finding Yourself

Were the warnings it would be ‘devalued’ true? Here are the first signs
Ireland‘s Big “YES” vote

Australia next?

Fixation, part 2

Parading Bi at LGBT Prides this summer
& more including Leicester bi meetup report, a Cock and Bull story and Queering Australia

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Issue 130

April 2015

Stonewall: Have they finally caught up with the B word?

Bi Book Awards: More to read than ever!


By The Bi: It’s just a stage… Touring performance of bi voices hits Europe

Big Bi Turning Point? BBFD needs a new organiser
Talking for LGBT History Month
So Long Bi.Org?
– part one of our short story
Record Bisexuals On Record: health debate puts the “B” word into the House of Lords
Nottingham BiCon – It’s Filling Up Fast

…and much more…

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Issue 129

February 2015

Features include:

LGBT History Month:
It’s February
Growing up with a bisexual father: Humphrey Spender remembered
Exhibiting bisexuality

The #StillBisexual campaign

Bi Shopping: perfect pressies for your bi-mates

Fair-weather Friends: who’s just woken up to bi inclusion and why?

Local Groups: Bis Of Colour

LGBT Phonelines in 2015: still needed?

Research news: Bi Women’s Health

Bis at Work: Latest Stats

Goodbye: Rebecca Taylor obituary

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Issue 128

December 2014. Features include:

Bisexuality in The Fall: Gillian Anderson’s bi detective show
Seven Minutes in Heaven – short fiction
Bi Money: including the BiCon 2014 accounts and a purple pot of money.
How come there is so little bisexuality in Stonewall’s latest LGbT publication?
The Nine Months of Christmas


Why Community Matters
Shout for your favourite Bi event
Brum Bis get Festive (again!)


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Issue 127

October 2014:

Becoming a parent and staying bi-visible

Canada – research backs bi groups

Scotland sets date for first weddings
Bis at Work: PWC
Badges at BiCon – what are they for?
This year’s BiCon debates
Bi Visibility Day 2014 roundup
Leeds Bi Group kicks off
BiMediaWatch: Witches of East End, Constantine and Gotham

Review: Best Bi Short Stories (ed Sheela Lambert)




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Issue 126

Summer 2014

Prides & BiCon photo splash

Good Advice: Agony aunts & bisexuality

Bi Visibility Day Momentum
Visibility at Work

A Civil Anomaly?
Another blood battle

Bisexuality down 90%?
Social Construction of Language: does ‘bi’ help or limit?

Looking after all our own
First Time: Pride parade novice nerves!
BiMediaWatch: August 2014
Newsbites & Letters
Big Bi Fun Day turns Five

and more besides.

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Issue 125

June 2014

The Glass Closet: Whether to be out at work
Making a Proper Hash of it: #BiVisibilityDay
Prides Special: Birmingham, Blackpool, Brussels
Marching with Pride: Top Tips for Bis On Parade
Orange isn’t the new Purple
Back in the TARDIS
Looking ahead to BiCon

and more besides.

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Issue 124

Spring 2014

Equalities Office talks Bi
Those Statistics are People
News from the BiCon Team

Our Survey Said… BiConners Exposed!
The BiCon 2013 DMP report
Healthy Bi Women’s Lives
Bi-ing IDAHO?
Big Bi Fun 5
BiMediaWatch: Spring 2014
BiMediaWatch Extra: In or Out?
Opening Doors for Older Bis in London
Letters page
and more besides.

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Issue 123

February 2014

House of bi?
Action to tackle biphobia
The strange case of the missing bi award
Being Bisexual: Experiences of Bisexual Women
The Time Traveller, The Diver and the Poet
Activists Assemble
Cancer in the bisexual communities
Manchester bis lead parade
Yes to same-sex marriage: whither civil partnerships?
Last BiCon… 2013’s accounts
Huge Success for BiTopia
Bisexuality “grounds for fear of persecution” in asylum cases

and more besides.

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Issue 122

December 2013

Loz Brewer remembered
Queer Cure: ‘fixing’ homosexuality in 2013?
Is ‘Girl on Girl Action’ on the up? 8 reasons why!
Bi Events in Wales
That’s Dr DiFranco To You
Attending your first Bi Meet?
BBC Asks the Audience
Bi Media Watch December 2013: Revenge of the bisexuals
Tom Daley’s Confessional Video
Northern Ireland Blood Ban
Torture Garden comes to Manchester
Kinks in the Spring
Eloping from Gretna?

and more besides.

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Issue 121

October 2013

Bi Group Surge
Google’s Still Blocking Us
The Bi Report story – so far
Bi Youth Research
Thank You BiCon
Bold Strokes book festival
Bi Media Watch: Autumn 2013
Bi Visibility Day 2013 in words and pictures
BiCon 2012 in numbers
Get Set for Brum BiFest

Bisexuality is a Union issue
Ten Again
Book Review: The Stranger’s Child

and more besides.

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Issue 120

August 2013

Queering the Tardis
Apple’s Bi Spat
Bi Visibility Day 2013
Jeux Dramatiques?
Older Bi Lives: Conference Report
Bisexuality & Sexual Experience
BiCon 2013…
Letters: Bi Dating Question
Letters: London’s Latest Bi Thing

and more besides.

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Issue 119

Summer 2013

EuroBis: Research about bi life across the EU & Croatia
Reporting Back: Bis and Mental Health
Piquing People’s Bi Pinterest
Of Mutant Prisms
Here Too, Queer Too
Support for Younger Bis
Bi Media Watch: Lost Girl & Da Vinci’s Demons
Bi-ing Ms Gay

and much more

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Issue 118

April 2013

Bis at Prides 2013
Scotland Calling
Bi Women Under Attack
Bis and Binaries
Bi Activist conferences come to the USA
Getting Together Over Here

Your BiCon Needs You
Bis Beyond Sci-Fi!
Bi Media Watch: Warehouse 13
Bis in the Media Breaking Out All Over!
Bi Media Watch extra: Less Gleeful

and much more

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Issue 117

February 2013

A New Bi History Project
BDSM Bis weekend away
Museum Of Science and LGBT Industry
The Guardian’s habitual bi-erasure
Also available in English
Brighton bis on film
Auntie’s queer radio show shuts up shop
Bi Academia’s American Remake
Older Bi Life
Bi MediaWatch – February 2013
Bi Popstar $henanigans
Big Bi Fun Date 2013
Bristol Honoured

…and more besides

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Issue 116

December 2012

A Better Marriage Proposal
Scottish Bi Health
Bi Cymru/Wales – Mardi Gras & Bi Visibility 2012
Reclaiming “Greedy”
Bi Bookshelf: What Makes a Baby
Bi Bookshelf: You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It
Bis of Colour at the 5th Imaan Conference
Obituary: Bill Brent
Bi Media Watch: December 2012
Want to run a BiCon?
BiCon 2012 Decisions
BiCons Future: New Guidelines

and much more

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Issue 115

October 2012

Time to teach Google
No More Pink
Next Year’s Bi News
Who’s Bisexuals
TV: Accused
More Bi-Visible Than Ever
Bradford BiCon
Bi Activism Weekender
Brittany Pierce and Bisexuality in Glee

…and BiCon in photos and much more


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Issue 114

August 2012

Bi-in the Whitehall Agenda
BCN at Number 10
Google’s Bi Problem
Bis of Colour launches in London
Bis at Prides 2012 (photo story)
Marriage Momentum
What makes a bisexual?
Bisexuality, Gender & Romantic Relationships
Birmingham Pride 2012
Sexuality & The Body
Now on YouTube
Manchester’s 18
All the latest Bi Thinking

September 23: Bi Visibility Day
Big Bi Fun


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Issue 113

June 2012

London World Pride 2012
Self-care at BiCon
Queer across the pond
Bi Visibility Day
Bi Report – Bitesize
Health Summit Heads South

and more besides


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Issue 112

April 2012

40 Years On From Ithaca
Bi Do: bisexuals and marriage
Lovespirit and Bisexuality
After Diva… lesbians and bi women
Glitzy Launch for The Bisexuality Report
Leicester’s Untold Stories

and much more


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Issue 111

February 2012

It’s Different for Bis: The Bisexuality Report
Introducing the Bi Research Guidelines and The Guidelines themselves
The Big Bi Audit: What have you got?
Will we marry?
Cynthia Nixon: Gay Bi Choice?
Fringe Benefits: What has being a bi activist done for me?
Oxford Rides Again
Bisexuals All At Sea
The Bi Decades?
Our Bi History


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Issue 110

December 2011

Working Out
Bi The Book: book reviews
Biphobia: A Short Story
Bisexuals Decide – outcomes of BiCon 2011’s decision making plenary
BiUK and the web
Blood Donation: All Change?
Happy Birthday, bi bi baby!

And more including Bristol Bis Get Greedy and photo news from across the UK


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Issue 109

October 2011

Remembering Kay Dekker
Manchester Pride, 21 years on: still proud?
23/9: Why Celebrate?
In the Academic Loop
Lost Girl dials up a bi cliché
BiCon returns to Leicester
BiCon: I’ve been here before
BiCon: First time…


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Issue 108

August 2011

Bi Life Sketch
Visibly Proud
Bi News Silly Season
Activists Gather…
Outreach opens our eyes too
BiCon Money
Life Across Europe
Visible & Celebrating
Bisexual Men “Actually Exist” Shock
The Book Launch

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Issue 107

Summer 2011

Glee Girls
Torchwood: Bi Enough?
Bi the time you’re old
BiCon 2011: Nine and not even one half weeks
Journal of Bisexuality 11×1
20th Century Bi
Make your own Big Bi Fun Day
BiCon 2010: What we agreed
Bis at London Pride photo spread

BCN cover image

Issue 106

Spring 2011

A Rose, Too
Mapping Queer London
There’s no B in G-L-E-E
Bi-ting My Thumb: Queering Shakespeare
Civil Partnerships: What do you think?
Bi Dare You…
True Blood’s own bifest
Best of Bi? The Lammy Awards
BiCon 2011’s Shaping Up
Manchester’s 16th Birthday

BCN cover image

Issue 105

February 2011

Football vs Biphobia
Stepping Up: Calling White Allies
Big Bi Society
7 Years On: Bis In Unison
Academics look at Bi Youth
Queering the Census
Reaching out to the NHS
Coming Out, Staying Out

BCN cover image

Issue 104

December 2010

I’ve had a Gay Marriage, according to some…
That’s Not My Bi History
20th Century Bi: LGBT History Month
Not 1 in 200 then?
Coming out younger: or are we?
BiReCon: the first international academic conference on bisexuality?
Nothing to be proud about
Brum BiFest 2010
Bigger Ones?

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Issue 103

October 2010

Bi Visibility Breakthrough
How I accidentally started a local bi group
Bis in the media
Liverpool Pride
Bring out your bi stuff!
Bisexuals of Colour
National Coming Out Day

BCN cover image

Issue 102

August 2010

Orlando Jordan: out bi & proud wrestler
BiCon Vanilla Fudge
Call yourself bi? You’d better be selling something!
Bis at Prides: Scotia and Oldham
BiCon: The Next Generation
Bisexuals do it in Wales
Sure of what I hope for
Bisexual Icons: Natalya Dell
Ian’s History of BiCon

BCN cover image

Issue 101

July 2010

Raiders of the Lost Archive
Derby Pride
Rollergrrls: Rolling Bi
BiCon Worcester: the money
BiReCon packs a powerful lineup
…and bisexual? Dear Stonewall…
BiPhoria to move again
Big Bi Fun Day 2010
And more!

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Issue 100

Spring 2010

BCN 100!

It’s Grim At Work
Proven Bi Science
Academics Gather to Talk Bi
Equality Before The Law
The Big Bi Fun Day
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Stonewall’s General Election candidate questionnaire
Quiz – What Type Of Bisexual Are YOU?!

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