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Older back issues (from the 1990s and such) are being added to our website slowly giving you access to the full texts of many back issues.

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Issue 99

Jan / Feb 2010

Being Alice: an interview with writer / actress Sarah Evans
Bi-ing Birmingham: the first Brum BiFest
The Bi Cymru-Wales Christmas Cake-off
Oxford BiFest Unwrapped

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Issue 98

Autumn 2009

Back to Worcester… BiCon 2009
BiUK: Making a space for bi research & theory
What BiCon 2009 decided…
Bi History Making
Bi Day 09 roundup
Misdirected Ire?
NUS has student top tips
Bi Visibility Day: Time for a makeover?
Welsh Bi Explosion
Bi Statistics

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2009 Summer Special

Also known as 97A

Best of BCN compilation given out at BiCon 2009 Worcester and other events.

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Issue 97

August 2009

The bi A to Z: Bisexual Index
“What can little old me do anyway?”
Getting Bi again: old book, new edition

Community Day at BiCon: Overview
Community Day at BiCon: Proud to be a part of it!

BiCon: All things to all people?
How much!? What does it really cost to run BiCon and why?

I Cannot Hide
Sian Johnson: “No Bisexuals will be harmed during the making of this show…..!”
Research Update!
BCN Subs Rejigged

Bis at Pride outreach updates:

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Issue 96

Summer 2009

Your proud bi summer – Prides 2009 Calendar
Emerging from the chrysalis: Bisexual Butterfly
Acting Globally: What BiCon 2010 could be
Pink Retreat
BiCon unveils Community Day for 2009
Fallen Pioneer
Getting it right
2009 Prides, Part One
National Bi Health?
Out, in Print?

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Issue 95

Mar / Apr 2009

Our biggest issue to date, at the time!

One foot in the closet
Bisexuality in Books: if you can’t write the Great Bi Novel…
Still Invisible?
Film: Bi The Way
I’m an activist, I think…maybe?
Last night on the Thames
Worcester BiCon is GO!
Marching season: Prides 2009
Letters – April 2009

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Issue 94

Jan / Feb 2009

From the Editor…
Bisexualities and Spiritualities: Call for Submissions
Why the B is there in LGBT
Bi Activist Burnout?
Filling the void: what do we watch when there’s no Torchwood!?
Room for one more? Crave magazine
The perils of non-distance relationships
DIY Bi Pride merchandise

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Issue 93

Autumn 2008

Lions and… lions and lions, oh my!
Calling Civil Servants
Making Decisions: BiCon’s DMP
NaNoWriMo: Bi Opportunity?
Seattle’s BCN folds
Talking to the cool bisexuals
What do you look like?
BiMedia: October 2008

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Summer 2008 Special

August 2008

A selection of some of the best of BCN, given away at BiCon and at other LGBT events / venues.

Flirting 101
Making your mind up at BiCon: how plenary makes decisions
Understanding Bis
10 Minute Activism
The activists are going to be at it again…

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Issue 92

July 2008.

Interview: Laura Stone, in yr Wales, running yr BiCon
Getting Engaged: talking with LGbT organisations
Katy Perry: Hero or Villain?
Unison Bi Caucus
Circus of the BIzarre
Our Money – BiCon 2006’s accounts
What Bis Wanted
Diary of a Crap Lesbian:
Making Your Mind Up at BiCon 2008

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Issue 91

May/Jun 2008

What did they tell us? Stonewall’s “Serving You Right”
BiFest: Suck it & See
Down with the kids: we catch up with NUS LGBT’s new bi rep
Top tips for Busy Bis
Bi Pride Explosion
Marriage rights edge closer across the pond
BiMedia: June 2008
Birmingham Bis Do Pride
Bis In Space!
Girls On Film

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Issue 90

March/April 2008.

Short story: scars
Stonewall – beyond a joke
Crap lesbian: one for the boys
3,000 Years…
Shooting Straight – dangerous in the box?

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Issue 89

Jan/Feb 2008

Queer Theory: something to say?
BiMedia roundup – Feb 2008
News from bi groups across the UK
Bi Christmas – with children
Queer TV 2007
18 up for the Lammy
BiCon’s going to Leicester – and it’s better than London Pride!
Brighton BiFest 3 is go
Underground Outreach (with cake)


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Issue 88

Nov/Dec 2007.

Where are we going?
The bi dragon awakes: Bi Wales launches
Bi Bodies and BiCon
The Other Side of the Closet
Lammy Hitch
Bi Resources reach thousands
Got a bi web page? Get a bi news feed!
BiMedia December 2007

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Issue 87

Sep/Oct 2007.

Torchwood: Bi TV?
Torchwood: Episode guide

Bi & Christian
Bike Curious?
BiMedia October 2007
East Mids Bis Back in Action

BiCon Treforest: First Timers
BiCon Treforest: We Thought…
BiCon Treforest: Agendas

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Issue 86

Summer 2007.

Here Be Dragons (looking forward to BiCon 2007)
Queer Parenting: Gender Play
Easy Bi Activism: Lobbying Stonewall
To Be Taken Seriously
Bi Activism Conference 2007 unveiled
Journal of Bisexuality plans Kinsey Special
Ten years of BiCon-going
BiFest, BiFest, BiFest… Manchester and Sheffield
Bi News Roundup

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Summer 2007 Special

As given out to all attendees at BiCon Treforest, with a selection of the best past BCN articles and the latest information about the UK bi scene.

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Issue 85

Spring 2007.

Oh, Stonewall
Backlash update
I like boys. On the other hand, I like girls
BiCrushing: Theory and Reality
Queer Parenting: Let’s Talk About Sex
BiCon Update
BiMedia September 2007
Bi News roundup

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Issue 84

Feb 2007.

Book review: A Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe
Jenny still lives with Eric and Martin
Queer Parenting: Welcome to the club
Beside the seaside: Brighton BiFest
Queer Psy Today: LG Psychology Conference Report
Sexuality & Genetics: they’ve not found the bi gene. Again.
Diary of a Crap Lesbian: Valentine’s Day

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Issue 83

Dec 2006.

Christmas of a Crap Lesbian
Queer Parenting: Brutal Honesty
BiCrushing: Just In Case
BiMate: Camel

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Issue 82

Oct 2006.

Polyamory 101
Getting Freshers
Manchester BiFest
BiMedia: October 2006
Understanding Bis
Talking Sexuality
Ten Minute Activism

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Issue 81

Aug / Sep 2006.

BiCon First Timer’s Diary
Review: Trans Figures
LGBT Health
Salacious Stories for boys and girls
BiMate: Meg Barker
BiCrushing: Distractions
Pride and Profit
Pushing at open doors
Love – or something like it
Bisexual Creative Network
Four more slices of Cake
Bi News roundup

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BiCon 2006 Special

As given out to all attendees at BiCon Glasgow, with a selection of the best past BCN articles and the latest information about the UK bi scene.

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Issue 80

July 2006.

BiMate: Trish
Crap Lesbian: Phase?
BiCrushing: Proving It
book reviews of Bi America and Getting Bi
BiSex & The City on Sartre
Latest plans from the Bi Research Group
Local news from Cambridge, Brighton and Yorkshire bi groups.

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Issue 79

May / June 2006.

Tribute to Fritz Klein
News roundup
London BiFest
Bisexuals in Unison: Whatever next?
Crap Lesbian: The need for visibility
The Return of the Fence Sitters Ball
The Spring 2006 Activist Weekend
BiMedia: June 2006

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Issue 78

Mar/Apr 2006.

Student Outreach at Nottingham
Bisexual Democrats?
BiFest London – coming soon
BiSex & The City: Questions of Love and Hate
BiMedia: April 2006
They’re Making Laws For Us Again
Crap lesbian: I Love My Prejudiced Friends…
BBC Radio BiTalk

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Issue 77

Jan / Feb 2006.

How come we still can’t give blood?
Brighton BiFest
Student Update: Sharon Stacey, bi rep of the NUS Black Students campaign
(mis)Representation: who’s afraid of the big bad b-word?
Diary of a Crap Lesbian: Sex & the Singleton
BiSex & The City: Perfect Imperfect
Reviews –
“Don’t Be A Crotte”
“The Best of Both Worlds: Bisexual Erotica”
ICB9 Update

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Issue 76

Nov/ Dec 2005.

Student Update: NUS LGBT Conference report
News including Bi Festival Explosion
BiMedia December 2005
BiSex & The City: Opening The Ex-Files
Crap lesbian: Living with the Past
Build your own BiCon!

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Issue 75

Sept / Oct 2005.

Neil Hudson’s BiCon Diary
Isle of Man Catches Up
Want to help make ICB9 happen?
Swirling in a movement of their own creation
What the heck is this LiveJournal people keep going on about?
A Fabulous Weekend Away – BiCon Worcester in pictures
Diary of a Crap Lesbian: Homo/bi…
Bis in the Media
Bi & poly: “Plural Loves”

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Issue 74

July / August 2005.

BiMedia: August 2005
Our Survey Said: Report from BiBlio on BiCon Manchester
Both Directions: the launch of a new bi guide
Bisexuality & Gender
‘Bi Men: Gay, Straight or Liars’?
Rebutting bad research
The effect of boys
NUS bi update

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BiCon Special

August 2005. A special edition given away to every attendee at the 23rd UK bi festival BiCon. – the very best of BCN in the previous twelve months
– bi activism for beginners
– what is this livejournal thing anyway?
We have completely run out of stock of this issue.

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Issue 73

May / June 2005.

Bi Activist Northern Spring
Considering Kinsey
Am I Bi Enough?
Working Together
BiMedia: June 2005 – Captain Jack Harkness and more!
Film: Kinsey
And more including Confronting the Biggest Taboo

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