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43%: Generation Bi?

Online opinion polling company YouGov have published research conducted over the past week into sex and sexuality. They found 43% of under 25s when asked to place themselves on a sexuality scale from 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual) put themselves somewhere in between, between 1 and 5. 6% of under 25s rated themselves a 6. Across the population as […]

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BiCon 2015: The Photo

Here’s the group photo from the end of BiCon 2015, which brought the annual bi festival to Nottingham for the first time in over twenty years. Click here for the full high-resolution version.   Tweet this: The BiCon 2015 group photo!   How was BiCon for you? Tell us about it – whether a word, a one-liner, or 300 words […]

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Our bisexual bookshelf. Books we’ve read – and sometimes even recommend! First up though: you might like to read about the Bold Strokes Book festival in 2013, and the winners of the Third Annual Bisexual Book Awards (2014 books, awards presented in 2015) And indeed the bisexual shortlist for the 2007 Lammy awards and the similar list for 2010. So, […]

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Getting Bi

Getting Bi In A Gay / Straight World is a new publication from BiPhoria in Manchester. It’s about coming out… and then staying out, in a world that sometimes wishes you would pick straight or gay! In 24 pages it covers a lot of ground – relationships, bisexual history, what researchers have to say about being bi, the best resources […]

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Visibility at Work

Steve spoke about being bi at work, at the Stonewall North West Awards in Manchester earlier this year. Here’s what he had to say… Good evening. My name’s Steve Ratcliff and I work for the Co-operative Food Business here in 1 Angel Square. It’s a privilege to stand here tonight and talk to you about my experience. In a way […]

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Bi-ing Ms Gay

Kate Stewart won the Ms Gay Limerick contest at the end of 2012: Jen asked her about her experience of the contest as a bi woman with a male partner. Congratulations on winning Ms Gay Limerick and commiserations that you didn’t take the crown in Ms Gay Ireland!  Why did you enter and what were your hopes; I originally entered […]

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