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Bi Senator gets back in

The only out bisexual in the USA’s Senate was re-elected yesterday. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema first won her seat in Arizona in 2012 with a 10,000 majority over her Republican rival. Yesterday in an election that saw a national swing away from her party, that rose to a 14,000 majority – despite a significantly lower turnout for midterms than in 2012 […]

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Marriage minister returns to Home Office

The architect of the Same-Sex Marriage Act for England and Wales, Lynne Featherstone MP. is to return to the Home Office as part of today’s mini reshuffle. She said: “I am very happy to be returning to the Home Office. I am very proud of what I was able to achieve in my previous role there, not least introducing equal marriage, ending […]

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Slovakia will vote

On Tuesday, the Slovak Constitutional Court ruled that Slovakians will be called to vote in a multi question referendum seeking to limit the rights of LGBT people and to limit sexuality education. The questions ended up at the Constitutional Court after President Andrej Kiska was faced with a petition with 400,000 signatures organised by Alliance for Family, supported by the […]

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An LGBT Manifesto for 2015?

Where next for LGB&T equalities? The heads of some of the bigger LGBT organisations across England have put together their proposals in an LGBT manifesto for 2015. They say: The passing of equality & same-sex marriage legislation in England, Wales & Scotland were hugely significant turning points in LGBT equality, both in terms of rights, and of the increased visibility […]

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October BCN now online

You can read the October 2014 issue of BCN online now. Articles include: Becoming a parent and staying bi-visible Canada – research backs bi groups Scotland sets date for first weddings Bis at Work: PWC Badges at BiCon – what are they for? This year’s BiCon debates Bi Visibility Day 2014 roundup Leeds Bi Group kicks off BiMediaWatch: Witches of […]

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Will ‘revenge porn’ be outlawed?

The House of Lords have moved one step closer to criminalising the sharing of revenge porn following the tabling of a new amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. The amendment would make it an offence to publish a private sexual image of another identifiable person without their consent, and is focused on the distress caused to the victims. […]

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