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HIV diagnoses down by a third in the UK since 2015

Data published today by Public Health England (PHE) reveal that new HIV diagnoses in the UK have fallen to their lowest level since 2000. New diagnoses fell by almost a third (28%) from 6,271 in 2015 to 4,484 in 2018. New HIV diagnoses have been declining across gay and bisexual and heterosexual populations. The steepest falls have been seen among gay and bisexual men, where […]

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Almost down the last 100

Apocalyptic sci-fi drama with a dash of bi representation returns to E4 on Wednesday night as The 100 returns. The last-but-one season of the show airs 9pm Wednesday 4th September and picks up where season five left off – with planet Earth abandoned and a small group of survivors trying to make it to another inhabitable world. On past experience, […]

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How to be helpful

On Monday Leeds Bi Group is set to launch their new publication: “Bi+ Allies, A Guide”. This 20 page booklet has been developed by Leeds Bi Group using published research and the real life experiences of bi+ community. This new resource aims to strengthen understanding of bi+ people and help readers be a strong ally. Bi+ Allies, A Guide covers: […]

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Bi Pride Weekend


London’s first Bi Pride is this Saturday. On the Entertainment Stage you can see UK Bi and wider LGBTQ+ community performers. On our I Am Proud Stage there are Panels, Activism and Spoken Word, exploring a wide variety of issues. They will also have a Community Village where you can take it easy, browse stalls and relax. You’ll meet charities […]

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BiCon Bookings Open!

BiCon 2020 bookings are now open! The annual bi convention returns to Leeds Beckett University next summer – but for those who like or need to plan ahead, you can pay for it already. Most years BiCon bookings open a little later than this so congratulations to the team for having it all in place already.  In the 1990s early […]

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25 Years Young: Manchester’s Bi Space & Voice!

On 1st September 1994, a new bisexual social-support group met in Manchester for the first time. 25 years later they are still meeting regularly, making it the longest-running bi group we have in the UK. As well as the social and support meetings the group has expanded its remit into outreach and speaker work, training, publications, and policy input at […]

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The Bisexual Agenda: 2-8 September 2019

Welcome to our weekly what’s on roundup of Bi Britain. It’s the start of the month and there’s lots going on! And it’ll be a busy month too with Bi Visibility Day coming up in a couple of weeks. Monday in Leeds there’s the launch of a new handbook for bi allies. Tuesday is very busy! Manchester’s bi talky space meeting BiPhoria, at […]

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US Bi Governor attacked for honesty

We all know the miserable cliche of bisexuals being untrustworthy. They’re bound to cheat on you, they lie about their orientation, they’re gay really (men) or straight really and just doing something to titillate their boyfriend (women). So here’s a story that flips that narrative on its head. In the USA Kate Brown is Democrat party Governor of Oregon, and […]

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