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Late Summer issue out now

It’s fresh off the presses, was in every BiCon 2019 attendee’s welcome pack and is landing on doormats across the UK (and further afield) – the latest issue of Britain’s bi magazine, BCN! Get your subscription here. Features include: Virtually down your way: Lloyds Bank’s bi network. Bold Strokes Book report. BiMate: we interview Sadie Clark. Even more bisexuals, All […]

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The Bisexual Agenda: 5 to 11 August 2019

Welcome to our weekly what’s on roundup of Bi Britain. As the BiCon-goers shake the sleepiness from their eyes it’s the first proper week of the month so there’s quite a bit on, to get or keep a bit of bi space in your life. Tuesday is very busy! Manchester’s bi talky space meeting BiPhoria, at the LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, from 730pm. More […]

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Fortunate Bisexuals

Unfortunate Bisexual flyers

This year’s BiCon attendees got treated to a preview of one of this Edinburgh fringe season’s bi attractions: The Unfortunate Bisexual, Rachel Wheeley & Cerys Bradley’s standup show about getting bi and helping others to get it too. Each explores in their own way the question of how do you know you are bisexual in a world that wants to […]

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Gay Star goes supernova

LGBT news website GayStarNews has announced its closure today. In a frank front page editorial the team behind the site explained the problem they faced: declining advertising revenue in a UK economy that is being hammered by fears over Brexit. Further they highlight organisations that “rainbow wash” their brand image around the time of New York or London pride but […]

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BiCon’s Here!

It’s BiCon week and hundreds of bis and bifriendlies are heading to Lancaster for four days of discussions, chatter, dancing and more. BiCon is an annual event that goes to a different city each year: this is the first time it has been in Lancaster but past events have been in Edinburgh, Treforest, Manchester, Coventry, Cambridge, London and many more […]

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Stonewall Empowers Bis

LGBT campaigns group Stonewall have launched a “Bi Empowerment Programme”, with the first training weekend coming up at the start of August. They say it will “empower attendees to celebrate what it means to them to be bi and build a collective sense of solidarity.” The day-long training session aims to help attendees: Celebrate their own and each other’s bi […]

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Lucifer to get a final sixteen episodes

TV show Lucifer got rescued by Netflix recently after Amazon Prime dropped the programme at the end of its third series, and we have been loving season four this summer. It has just been confirmed for a fifth season which will be even longer – sixteen episodes – but with the sting in the tail that this will be the […]

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