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We are building an online set of UK bi resources here. Feel free to suggest extras!

Bisexual History poster

[published in 2017] This was included in BCN magazine but is a handy resource you may want to print and use again, especially given how rare bi resources are for LGBT History Month events.

Download it as a pdf (in most browsers it’s best to right-click and save the PDF)

Getting Bi in a Gay / Straight World

[new 2017 edition]

An excellent guide to coming out and staying out, published by Manchester bisexual group BiPhoria.

You can read a copy here on issuu. The (almost identical) 2011 edition is available online as a flickr stream and as a video on vimeo


You can order printed copies as pocket-sized booklet from BiPhoria. They’re excellent for community centre leaflet racks or Pride & other bi outreach stalls – over 18,000 have found homes already.


A Spanish language edition was published in 2013.

The Bisexuality Report

[published in 2012] Brings together research on bisexuality in the UK broken down by policy area e.g. health, employment.

Download it as a pdf (in most browsers it’s best to right-click and save the PDF)

Bisexuality & Mental Health

[published in 2012] BiPhoria’s publication about bi people’s experiences of mental health services.

Download it as a pdf (in most browsers it’s best to right-click and save the PDF). A second edition of this is on its way.

Running a Pride / Outreach Stall?

[2008] Based on ten years of organising bi stalls at Manchester Prides and other local community events, Jen Yockney’s guide will take you through the basics.

Download it as a pdf (in most browsers it’s best to right-click and save the PDF).

Teeshirt Archive

A selection of bisexual teeshirt designs and slogans over the years. These images were hosted on a fotopic site, which has now closed. We hope they’ll be migrated to something like Flickr soon!

Both Directions

[2007 – 2011] Bisexuality – finding the bi community in the UK, coming out and staying out. This is a 20 page booklet first published in 2007 by BCN and produced by the UK Bi Activist Network. In the first year it was available online we’re delighted that over 3,700 copies were downloaded. The new 2011 edition has a few little tweaks to the layout and wording.

Download it today. As an Adobe Acrobat pdf document or a web page. Prints out as an A4-folded-to-A5 booklet – good if you need a handout about bisexuality in the UK for an event and have access to a printer/photocopier!

Bisexual Life in Manchester: A Needs Assessment

[2003] Research by Jen Yockney and Gina Roberts for BiPhoria and the Manchester LGBT Local Strategic Partnership.

Download it as a pdf (in most browsers it’s best to right-click and save the PDF)

Bi Research: Who Attends BiCon?

[2004 & 2013] The now-closed bi academic network BiBlio published a report looking at who comes to BiCon, based on the survey distributed at the Manchester BiCon in 2004.

The survey was conducted again by BiUK at the BiCons in 2005 to 2011, but aside from the initial 2008 survey report which appeared in BCN issue 97, the others have not yet been collated into reports and published. In 2013 the survey was run by BiPhoria: again findings not yet published.

In 2013 BiPhoria took over the survey and a report was presented at BiCon 2014 with the findings from the 2013 survey.

Download the 2004 report as a pdf here.

Download the 2013 report here.

A to Z of running a bi group

[2017 & 2001] “A shame there isn’t an A to Z of how to run a group” someone said on the uk-bi email list many moons ago. Nothing like a challenge, is there? Within a day, there was one: most of it is still good advice to read a decade later!

Download the 2017 edition as a pdf.

Original 2001 edition as a pdf.

Archive resource: Lobbying Stonewall

[2007]  In 2007, Bisexual Action had had enough of moaning about Stonewall – Britain’s biggest LGB lobbying organisation – publishing reports and recommendations that seek only to change things for lesbians and gay men. As Stonewall promote the idea that the way to change minds is through sending postcards, they produced a postcard to lobby Stonewall to be more bi-inclusive. Stonewall have improved in the years since but it’s still here for anyone interested.

It’s now a little out of date but kept here as an archive item. Download a copy.

Further Bi Resources

There are also a variety of handy resources we’d recommend on two other bi websites:
Bisexual Index

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