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This website gives you a taste of BCN, but for the latest content you need to subscribe to the printed edition. It’s the best way we can keep BCN viable as a printed publication and free from pressure from advertisers.

The bimonthly journal of the UK bi movement, BCN costs £12 a year (6 issues) in the UK (and we offer an £10 unwaged rate). There is a supporter’s rate of £15 if you can afford it to help us with the costs of promoting the magazine and awareness of the bi community, and a super-supporter rate of £30 if you can afford to be that bit more generous. The standard rate for organisations and institutions is £30. Again, if you can afford more, it will be used to raise awareness and for outreach projects, as well as to subsidise those £10 subscriptions which we lose a little money on.

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We now take subscriptions via PayPal, which means you can pay using Maestro, Switch, Solo, American Express, Visa and Mastercard – or credit in an existing PayPal account. This should make things much easier for those who can never find their chequebooks!

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Send your details (name and address) with payment to us at BM Ribbit, London WC1N 3XX. Cheques or postal orders payable to “Bi Community News” in UK pounds sterling please.


As a few people have asked we should mention that BCN is mailed in plain envelopes and does not have “This Contains A Bisexual Magazine” in large letters next to the stamp or anything like that. Unless other people routinely open your mail they will not know what is in the envelope.


More generally we will use your subscription data only to mail your magazines to you. We will not share it on or sell it elsewhere and at any time if you want to stop receiving the magazine just let us know by emailing (this is also where to notify changes of address, and that information is repeated in each issue of the magazine, normally on page 3).