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Bi Pride announces 2020 date

UK Bi Pride have announced their 2020 date – it’ll be held almost a year to the day from the first one, on September 5th. They are hoping to find a new venue though, so for now perhaps just pencil that date into your diary. It will still be in London. September 2019’s event was the UK’s biggest bi event […]

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Bringing Pride Back

It’s a long time since London saw a bi pride march – we reckon it was 1999, so as near to 20 years as makes no odds. A little over a year ago a plan was hatched to organise a Pride in the city in March 2019. It is something people have talked about for some time as a Bisexual […]

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Bi Pride whips up a deposit

Bi Pride’s fundraiser has beaten its goal – so the event is all set for London this 7th September. The kickstarter campaign aimed to pull in £1,500 and took £1,845, more than covering the deposit on the as-yet-undisclosed venue for the event. The organisers commented: We are really excited for our first Bi Pride in 2019, an event for all […]

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Delayed Pride

Bi flag photo (c) Jen Yockney

BiPrideUK, the organisation putting together the Bi Pride festival in London in 2019, have announced a postponement of the event. The date announced and advertised last summer had been March 9th and the team had taken that message out to a lot of local Prides around the country this summer, supplementing the bi outreach work that organisations like North West […]

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Bi Visibility Day is coming…

September 23rd is still a long way off but we’re on the countdown with just over three months to go! The date, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day (a bit of a mouthful that version of the name) has been marked around the world including in the UK every year since 1999. Way back then it was just in […]

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Join in the Big Bi Tweet!

This year’s Big Bi Tweet for Bi Visibility Day, September 23rd, has just been launched. As well as tweeting you can share the message via Facebook and Tumblr. The aim is for hundreds of people to share a short message on the morning of Bi Visibility Day to help the #BiPride and #BiVisibilityDay hashtags start to trend on the day. […]

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