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BiConners Will Have a Ball

BiCon 2020 has unveiled its ball theme. They say in an announcement today that: “The ball will start at 8pm on Saturday the 15th of August in the student bar. “BiCon 2020 is trying to be an environmentally friendly event (within the constraints of what’s practically possible, and where it doesn’t clash with access needs) and the ball’s Nature theme […]

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BiCon Working Groups (may) want YOU!

At the Decision Making Plenary (DMP) at annual bisexual convention BiCon 2019, attendees voted to ask BiCon Continuity* to set up two Working Groups; one to look at anti-racism and one to look at access for disabled people. Continuity are currently seeking people to join these Working Groups and we are thinking about how to constitute them initially (ie. Via […]

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BiCon Bookings Open!

BiCon 2020 bookings are now open! The annual bi convention returns to Leeds Beckett University next summer – but for those who like or need to plan ahead, you can pay for it already. Most years BiCon bookings open a little later than this so congratulations to the team for having it all in place already.  In the 1990s early […]

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BiCon: The Photo

It’s in the upcoming issue of BCN and here online to celebrate the opening of bookings for 2020 tomorrow: the BiCon 2019 group photo from Lancaster. You can subscribe to BCN to get it in print – ideal for your office, memory box, bedroom wall… Photo credit: Jen Yockney / Bi Community News.  

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BiCon unveils logo

2020’s bisexual convention BiCon have released their logo. Here it is! BiCon returns to Leeds Beckett university campus, where it was held two years ago – so for those who attended in 2017 the workshop, entertainment and accommodation areas will be familiar. Beckett welcomed us then by flying the bisexual flag from their main building all weekend and then rocking […]

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BiCon to return to Leeds

Annual big bi gathering BiCon is over for this year but will return in the summer of 2020. Next year’s event will run from 13th to 16th August at Leeds Beckett University. This is a return to where BiCon was held two years ago. Booking will open on 3rd September, giving lots of time for anyone who needs to pay […]

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Fortunate Bisexuals

Unfortunate Bisexual flyers

This year’s BiCon attendees got treated to a preview of one of this Edinburgh fringe season’s bi attractions: The Unfortunate Bisexual, Rachel Wheeley & Cerys Bradley’s standup show about getting bi and helping others to get it too. Each explores in their own way the question of how do you know you are bisexual in a world that wants to […]

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BiCon’s Here!

It’s BiCon week and hundreds of bis and bifriendlies are heading to Lancaster for four days of discussions, chatter, dancing and more. BiCon is an annual event that goes to a different city each year: this is the first time it has been in Lancaster but past events have been in Edinburgh, Treforest, Manchester, Coventry, Cambridge, London and many more […]

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