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Different for Bis: December 2017

The latest in bisexuality research. Bi Special The Psychology of Sexualities Review devoted its Winter 2017 edition to bisexuality with a raft of interesting papers about bi research from Europe, the USA and New Zealand. The opening editorial piece reflects on a key change, observing: “In the last few years, bisexuality has become contested in rather different ways than in […]

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Different for Bis: the latest research – Winter 2016

The American Journal of Bisexuality publishes all the latest in bisexuality research four times a year. I’ve been catching up with the latest edition – so here’s what’s new out there… Hertlein, Hartwell & Munns examine attitudes to bisexuality broken down by gender and sexual orientation, asking why it is that acceptance of gay and lesbian people has moved more […]

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Different For Bis? The Latest in Bi Research

This month’s first set of new bi statistics come from the USA where researchers at Columbia University have been pondering why bisexual men might stay in the closet. 203 behaviourally bi men were interviewed, all over 18 and living in the New York area. All reported having had male and female sexual partners within the previous twelve months. Many BCN […]

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It’s different for bis: the Bisexuality Report

The Bisexuality Report

This month, BiUK launches “The Bisexuality Report” Bisexual people are included in the acronym LGBT but often our issues and circumstances are not separately understood in practice. This is despite clear evidence that we experience discrimination in education, in society, and in the workplace and that we are more at risk of mental health problems than lesbian, gay, or heterosexual […]

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