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MEPs write to Brunei’s Sultan

Today Brunei starts implementing a law that imposes – among other new measures – the death penalty by stoning for same-sex relationships between men. Brunei introduced a reform of its criminal law based on Sharia law in 2014, to be implemented in 3 stages: the first phase in May 2014; the second was due in 2015; and the third phase  […]

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The next five years: Europe and LGBT+ Equality

The UK may be leaving the EU but the European Parliament’s work programme on LGBT+ issues will carry on without us – and as the end of the 2014-2019 parliamentary term approaches, the current parliamentarians are trying to plot out a way ahead for the next term. In a resolution adopted on 14 February, the European Parliament calls on the […]

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EU highlights backlash against LGBTI rights

Yesterday, 12 February, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the backlash against women’s rights and gender equality in the EU, highlighting also the impact on LGBTI rights. The resolution addresses the current “visible and organised effort at the global and at the European level against gender equality and women’s rights”, such as anti-gender movements, whose targets are among others […]

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LGBTI rights still at risk in the EU

On 16 January, the European Parliament adopted its yearly report on Fundamental Rights in the EU, assessing the implementation of fundamental rights in the EU in 2017 according to the Charter of Fundamental Rights standards. It contains strong language on multiple aspects of LGBTI rights. A paragraph of the report (para 36) highlights that “in 2017 LGBTI people were still […]

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72 days left and no plan

With the UK government’s huge 432-202 defeat over the Brexit proposals, we are now barely ten weeks from B-Day and still no clue what will happen. It still looks like the UK will leave the European Union. We still can’t know for sure what the long-term impact will be for bi and LGBT rights but it isn’t looking good. Many legal […]

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EU highlights LGBT rights for candidate members

While the UK is still shuffling its way toward the door to leave the European Union after our increasingly controversial referendum, many countries on the edges of the EU are eager to join the social and trading bloc. Yesterday the European Parliament adopted its annual reports on five candidate and potential candidate countries. The reports call on Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, […]

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