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EU discusses LGBTI rights in Uganda

Yesterday, Thursday 24 October, the European Parliament adopted an urgent resolution on the situation of LGBTI people in Uganda. In this resolution, the European Parliament: – expresses its “deep concern at the resurgence of the anti-homosexuality bill in the Ugandan political debate” (para. 1) – “strongly condemns Simon Lokodo’s rhetoric for fuelling homophobia and hate” (para. 1) – reiterates its […]

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Latvia challenged on partnership recognition

Earlier this month the Latvian Parliament dismissed a petition calling for the introduction of partnership legislation which would recognise all unmarried couples, including same-sex couples. This is the second time the Saeima rejected such an initiative. The European Parliament has responded today with members of the LGBTI Intergroup writing to the Members of the Government of Latvia, and the Speaker […]

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European Parliament talks LGBTI health

This coming Wednesday, 26 April, from 13:00 – 14:30 local time, the European Parliament’s “Intergroup on LGBTI Rights” (its LGBTI equalities subcommittee) will host a roundtable discussion on health inequalities experienced by LGBTI people in Europe. Stigma, prejudice and discrimination against LGBTI people remain widespread and affect access to health services. The extensive LGBT survey conducted by the EU’s Fundamental […]

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