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Bi Visibility Day: Political Snapshot

Twenty years on from its inception, how did Bi Visibility Day look on UK politics twitter? The date may be fixed on the 23rd but it bobs up and down the party conference season, so is sometimes at the same time as Green, SNP, Plaid, Lib Dem or Labour conferences. Sometimes this has led to seaside party flashmobs and the […]

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TIG, Women and Equalities


This week has seen the formation of a new Parliamentary grouping The Independent Group, made up of former Labour and Conservative MPs. Remarkably, two of the eleven members TIG currently has are members of the cross-party Women And Equalities sub-committee of the House of Commons.¬† One has crossed from the Conservatives – Anna Soubry – and another from Labour – […]

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Bis Hold On in UK Election

The UK General Election yesterday produced a polling upset – yet another in a recent run of them in the UK – as the governing Conservative party narrowly lost its majority in the House of Commons. Both the out-bi MPs who were defending their seats were re-elected, with Cat Smith (Labour, Lancaster) increasing her majority while Daniel Kawczynski (Conservative, Shrewsbury) […]

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Ministerial support for Bi Visibility Day

For the third year running the UK Minister for Women and LGBT Equality has messaged support for Bi Visibility Day. The past two years this was a message from Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson. With the change¬†of government in May the role has shifted to Conservative MP Caroline Dinenage, who tweeted: Today is #BiVisibilityDay worldwide, celebrating #BiPride & raising awareness […]

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