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Northern Ireland Consults on Same-Sex Marriage

The UK government has launched a consultation on two issues: same-sex religious marriage and the appropriate protections, and conversion entitlements in Northern Ireland. This consultation follows the changes to the law in Northern Ireland which came into effect on 13 January 2020, and mean that same-sex civil marriage and mixed-sex civil partnerships are now legal in Northern Ireland. This consultation […]

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Why are women divorcing each other?

The Office for National Statistics has published its analysis of the divorce rates in 2018 – and there is one thing that really leapt out at us about it. The number of same-sex couples divorcing has rised every year since 2014, when same-sex marriage and divorce became a thing in the UK. But in same-sex couples, women are ending their […]

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17 Years Late: Civil Partnership Equality

The first mixed-sex civil partnerships are being registered today.  Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, whose court case overturned the sexist barrier that had existed in law since 2004, are the first of no doubt very many couples to register – with the law expected to follow suit in Scotland soon and with same-sex marriage becoming an option in Northern Ireland […]

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One week to be heard: civil partnership reform

The government’s public consultation on mixed-gender civil partnerships and associated reforms has just a week left to run. The government is committed to changing the law by 31 December 2019 to allow opposite-sex couples to form civil partnerships. With the advent of mixed-gender civil partnerships – which was blocked at the time of the same-sex marriage bill and is now […]

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Another massive vote for marriage

The House of Commons has voted again on whether to introduce same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland this autumn, should the devolved government at Stormont continue not to function. This time the vote passed with 328 votes for and 65 votes against the change – an overwhelming majority with notably less opposition than we saw in the 2013 same-sex marriage debate […]

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Northern Ireland: Not “I do”, but “I might…”

The House of Commons has voted overwhelmingly to introduce same-sex marriage – and relax the law on abortion – in Northern Ireland. It’s not as simple as it has been painted in some headlines though: the change does not come into effect yet. Instead it will await the latest round of attempts to reintroduce devolved government in Northern Ireland – […]

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