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Another massive vote for marriage

The House of Commons has voted again on whether to introduce same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland this autumn, should the devolved government at Stormont continue not to function. This time the vote passed with 328 votes for and 65 votes against the change – an overwhelming majority with notably less opposition than we saw in the 2013 same-sex marriage debate […]

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Northern Ireland: Not “I do”, but “I might…”

The House of Commons has voted overwhelmingly to introduce same-sex marriage – and relax the law on abortion – in Northern Ireland. It’s not as simple as it has been painted in some headlines though: the change does not come into effect yet. Instead it will await the latest round of attempts to reintroduce devolved government in Northern Ireland – […]

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Lords and Commons push for marriage reform


This week bills in the House of Commons and House of Lords will seek to introduce same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. Same-sex marriage, albeit in slightly different legislative forms, exists in the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales & England, but not Northern Ireland. Reform in Northern Ireland has been blocked thus far by the DUP using powers given to […]

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Northern Ireland Minister: no movement on marriage

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Chloe Smith MP, has confirmed that there is no likely reform of marriage law in Northern Ireland for the forseeable future. In a debate opened by Rutherglen MP Ged Killen (Co-Operative Party), Chloe explained: “My position on this issue is clear: I voted in support of same-sex marriage in England and Wales […]

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Northern Ireland to pass Turing Law too?

The Northern Ireland Justice Minister has announced that the upcoming pardon for historic sexual offences known as the “Turing Law” may be extended to cover Northern Ireland. Claire Sugden MLA, the Justice Minister in the six counties, said: “Pardon arrangements should be brought to Northern Ireland as soon as possible to ensure that there is equal treatment for gay and […]

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Donation Day One in Northern Ireland

The complete ban in Northern Ireland on bisexual and gay men and their partners donating blood ended yesterday and many more people are now allowed to give blood. The change was announced in June as a consequence of the Stormont Assembly elections the previous month. It had been impossible to achieve previously but the elections brough a change in which […]

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