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And Layla Makes Three

Another MP has come out – the first to do so as pansexual. MPs coming out isn’t big news these days if they are gay but it is still very rare for MPs to come out as any of the labels under the bi umbrella. Indeed currently there are only two others in the House of Commons. Layla Moran, the […]

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#BiVolunteering in 2019: Celebrate & Join In!

This year as every year, the first week of June is marked by a host of community and charitable groups across the UK as Volunteers’ Week. Without volunteers there’d be no bi support services out there. From the formation of the London Bi Group in 1981 to the latest hot-off-the-presses copy of BCN, from bisexual chatter over coffee in Leeds […]

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Reaching from B to P

Pansexuality, pan, pansexuals: I’ve seen the flags and ran into more people, particularly younger people, who call themselves pansexual rather than bisexual. I’ve also read the annoying articles stating bi people are all into gender binaries and not loving people of many genders or regardless or gender. I welcome more media coverage and expression about sexualities other than gay or […]

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