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Bi: Britain’s Fastest Growing Sexuality

Latest figures show Britain has more bisexuals – and fewer straight people – than ever before. Research released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics charts the number of people identifying as bi, straight or gay in their annual surveys – and the proportion of the population identifying as bi is up again, now to 0.9% of the population. In […]

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Here’s Why: LBT Women’s Heath Week

It’s Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Women’s Health Week – running from Monday (March 9th) through to Friday 13th. It is there to highlight how – taken as a whole – bi, lesbian and trans women face particular and bigger health challenges than their cishetero sisters. In turn this is one of the areas where the growing trend over the last […]

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Bi under 25?

Self-Injury in young Bisexual People: A Longitudinal investigation (SIBL) Warning: discussion of difficult and potentially triggering subjects of sexuality and self-injury. The SIBL research project aims to investigate the psychological experiences that are associated with non-suicidal self-injury amongst young bisexual people. The researchers from the University of Manchester tell us: We aim to investigate this relationship by asking participants to […]

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Different for Bis: Research News

New Zealand’s first major sexual health survey shows same-gender sexual attraction is more common among women than men. The 2014/15 New Zealand Health Survey: Sexual and Reproductive Health Module (these things always have a catchy title) looked at sexual attraction, sexual behaviour and sexual identity. The survey had some 10,168 respondents aged 16-74 years. It’s all about women and men […]

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Squeezed out: Bis in LGBT Space

Stonewall’s new report “LGBT In Britain – Home And Community” – highlights how bi people feel themselves pushed out from “LGBT” or gay scene spaces.  It is a familiar theme from what BCN readers and contributors have told us over many years; indeed, the existence of separate bi groups, events and BCN magazine itself come from exactly that problem. Because […]

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