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Welsh Government to undo legacy of Section 28

Kirsty Williams AM

Parents in Wales will no longer be able to prevent their children from learning about relationships and sexuality in the country’s new Curriculum.  Education Minister Kirsty Williams made the announcement yesterday emphasising the need for ‘careful and sensitive implementation’ of the decision alongside a similar move on education about religion. For many years there has been sex and sometimes also […]

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30 Years On: the UK’s Biggest LGBT Rights Demo

Thirty years ago today Manchester saw the biggest queer rights demonstration the UK had ever witnessed as more than 20,000 people poured onto the streets to protest against Section 28. It was twenty years after the partial decriminalisation of sex between men – and bar the extension of that law to Scotland in 1980 and Northern Ireland in 1982, precious […]

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May: “I would vote differently” on LGBT now

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, spoke at a Pride reception in Downing Street to celebrate the contribution that lesbian, gay, bi and trans people make to the UK yesterday. Her remarks were peppered with the L, G and T of LGBT but there was less reference to bisexual people and biphobia did not get named alongside homophobia and transphobia. Acknowledging […]

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Fighting Section 28 in Scotland

I arrived in Scotland from New Zealand in March 1997, and soon after woke up to headlines saying “No Tory Seats in Scotland”. So, I never had a lot of experience with living as a bisexual in Tory Britain. Then came the referendum and devolution – I stayed up all night to watch the results. My mother, a Scot, said […]

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The End of Section 28

The legendary Section 28 is finally gone.  BCN asked Scottish bisexuals – who have been free of it for some time – about life after “the clause”. Going… Going… Scotland, 2000AD.  The 15 to 20% of the general population who were, on a daily basis, directly affected by this evil and bigoted legislation had been promised its removal by the […]

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Section 28 to go in Scotland

The Scottish Parliament’s Communities Minister Wendy Alexander MSP has announced that Section 28’s days are numbered.  The date for repeal is not yet set but it will form part of the legislative agenda for the Scottish Parliament. The clause, which bans the “promotion of homosexuality” through schools and libraries, has not seen a single successful prosecution in more than a […]

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