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The Bi Visibility experiment

To celebrate Bi Visibility Day, 23 September 2015 the Equality Network is running an experiment. They say: “We invite people to wear a bisexual T-shirt and send us their stories about being very visibly bisexual to share here. “Even if you’re not bisexual, you can still take part and find out what it’s like if people think you are bisexual.” […]

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Breaking through: The 100’s first bi

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi show The 100 has gained its first out bisexual character – with the tease that others could easily follow. Leader of the survivors of the 100-strong landing party that return to Earth, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) kissed another woman in this week’s episode. The show’s Creator/Executive Producer Jason Rothenburg didn’t leave the fan base to speculate too long, […]

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